Four rules to dry your hair so that the volume is preserved for a week


Any woman’s dream is to do the styling on her own to maintain the volume for a whole week. Personally, for me, such a volume is obtained exclusively in the hands of a professional – naughty and thin hair keeps its shape for 4-5 days. To once again try to learn how to do styling with their own hands, turned to the queen of voluminous styling, stylist Lika Glazkova.

How well and how long the volume of hair keeps depends solely on the fat content of the scalp and the type of hair, says Lika. – Very porous hair, they are also curly, as a rule, keep the freshness of the head much longer than smooth, thin, and straight.

The duration of cleanliness of the head is also affected by how often we touch it with our hands. If you stop constantly touching the roots of the hair, then the cleanliness of the head will last longer.

How to create and extend hair volume

First, you need to compact the roots. To do this, use a special preparatory styling on wet hair. Styling is a must for keeping hair volume. Choose one that is aimed at compacting the roots to make them more porous.

That is, if it is smooth hair with a closed cuticle, we need to open it a little and it will feel denser and thicker.

When we dry our heads, we must redirect the hair in a way that it is not used to growing. Our hair growth is directed downwards, so if we want volume, we need to dry in the other direction.

Either upside down and hands to help pull back the hair roots so that they remain in volume, or dry with a comb, redirecting the hair from the parting to the other unusual direction of hair growth.

We use the finishing auxiliary styling, which will add extra volume and leave the freshness of the roots, and in general styling for as long as possible.

These are dry shampoos. This is a paste-dry shampoo that perfectly prolongs the freshness of styling, plus makes the hair denser, and helps to keep the volume.

The last step is fixation, texturizers, and varnishes that will help keep the volume. The main thing is not to overdo it with them. If on the first day the hair holds perfectly and without fixation, then we can use it the next day to freshen up the styling and maintain volume.

Personal experience: why rinse your hair with vinegar and how it work

BeautyHack Director of Beauty Vasilisa Kakorina continues to break her own principles and experiment with homemade beauty recipes. This time in the lead role – vinegar.

“Oh, these homemade beauty recipes!” – I thought about self-isolation and started experimenting. To be honest, I do not like homemade masks for the face, hair, and body, and instead of cucumbers and tea bags under my eyes, I prefer to stick patches.

But daily on social networks, bloggers post dozens of homemade recipes that promise to create magic – cheaply, quickly, and with high quality.

So I came across a video with a stunning result – a girl rinsed her hair with an apple cider vinegar solution, which made her hair smooth, straight and shiny. Outwardly, it looked like hair botox or professional keratin, so without thinking twice, I went to the kitchen for apple cider vinegar.

Let’s understand how vinegar works:

Vinegar contains trace elements and minerals – phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron, vitamins A, B1, C, E, and P – and organic acids: lactic, acetic, and citric.

Hair products with vinegar in the composition help the hair become stronger and protect from external factors, restore and balance the pH balance and cleanse the scalp. Under normal conditions, the scalp should have a pH level of 5.5, which allows it to provide protection against various pathogenic organisms.

But shampoos have an alkaline reaction that disrupts the natural pH of the skin. Vinegar products neutralize the effect of such products and restore the correct level of acidity.

The R+Co brand has an apple cider vinegar cleansing shampoo that works as a scrub and conditioner. And there are queues for the Esthetic House CP-1 Raspberry Treatment Vinegar raspberry vinegar-based hair rinse – the product not only cleanses but also makes hair smooth and manageable.

Regardless of your hair type, you shouldn’t use vinegar products more than once a week – the acid cleanses so thoroughly that your hair starts to dry out and your color fades.

To rinse your hair, you need to prepare a special solution – two tablespoons of apple or grape vinegar per liter of water.

I have hair prone to dryness. I used apple cider vinegar. I diluted the acid with water, washed my hair with shampoo, and rinsed it with the prepared solution. For the purity of the experiment, I did not apply care products after the procedure – it was interesting to check the result from vinegar.

The light odor with sourness disappeared after styling. Hair succumbed to brushing better, but the result did not impress me.

After styling, the ends of the hair immediately looked dry and tired, I did not notice any smoothness and super-shine. Of the pluses – the volume was preserved for two days.

Sofia Pakhomova, medical director, dermatologist, cosmetologist, a trichologist, Remedy Lab clinics:

Vinegar is one of the few ingredients in “homemade recipes” that I have a positive attitude towards. Vinegar perfectly smoothes the hair cuticle. If you add it to the conditioner or simply rinse and do not rinse with water, it will add shine and ease of combing.

The smoothed cuticle reflects light well, which is especially visible on curly and dyed hair. If you add vinegar to the shampoo, it will provide an opportunity for a deeper cleansing of the scalp.

Just use natural vinegar, not essence. In my opinion, there are more pros than cons to using vinegar.

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