How to maintain motivation and loss weight in the new year, if it did not work before


Motivation: These are not nit-picking from the category “I urgently need to go on a diet, because my knees are thick”, but an objective necessity. But if in January it is easy to come to an agreement with the brain that says: “Well, what a bulgur and a run, maybe we’d better look at Home Alone under a herring under a fur coat?”.

Successful experience

A couple of months after the birth of my second child, I realized that the “Breastfeeding” amulet had lost its power, and the weight was creeping up. Workouts were off-limits, so I decided to fix my relationship with food and went to see what the World Health Organization thinks about it.


The recommendations were pretty simple: small portions spaced 3-4 hours apart, whole grains and legumes, 8 glasses of water, plenty of vegetables, and of course no junk or junk food or sweets. After 8 months of such nutrition, I got to the form in which I had not been since the 8th grade.

Wrong turn

Once a week, I chose a dish that I really wanted and enjoyed it without remorse. And that was enough – I didn’t want sweets, and fast food seemed papery and tasteless.


But gradually there were more “errors” in nutrition, and until a certain time, it seemed that this did not affect the figure in any way. And when it turned out that this was not so, I no longer wanted to return to the world of endless containers and the cycle of oatmeal, spelled, and bulgur.

Unsuccessful attempts

Since then, several years have passed in an unsuccessful attempt to maintain motivation and focus on nutrition and training for more than three months. This usually happens for three reasons:

I want everything at once: to return the food that is suitable for me, drink enough water, do exercises in the mornings and workouts in the evenings, it is desirable that there be cardio, strength, HIIT, and don’t forget yoga with a pool and jogging. And at the peak of motivation, all this really manages to be combined. But fatigue from such a schedule sets in very quickly.

There is not enough patience to wait for a delayed result when moving in small steps. Ready-made diets are not suitable, you don’t want to eat the usual food, and there is not enough time and effort to regularly search for new dishes and cook them just for yourself.

It turns out a vicious circle, running in which does not bring results, and the conditional goal of “losing weight” again moves to the diary, now 2022. But next year it will be a little different.

Change target

This year, I planned to work with motivation and changed my goal: exercise and eat right to become more energetic, feel happier, and think positively every day.

In order to stay motivated, I chose recommendations from the book  Fit in 30 Days by healthy lifestyle coach Joe Wicks.

Work with the mind and get rid of limiting beliefs: instead of thinking “I don’t have enough time to train and cook healthy meals,” I’ll try to think differently: “I can, and I will.” Do not wait for motivation to appear out of nowhere, but act. For example, get up, do a morning workout and analyze how you feel. Action is primary: it gives rise to and increases motivation.

Consistently structure daily activities to form habits.

To keep a diary. Take a few minutes at the end of the day to write down what it was like. What has been achieved and what has been done to achieve this? Why did something fail? Am I proud to have dedicated another day to working on my own transformation?

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Documenting will be evidence of daily progress, which can be returned to in the event of a breakdown or stress. –  Source

Short-term diets do not work, because after returning to the old habits, everything that was achieved is gradually lost. Change needs to be constant, so goal-setting and the right mindset to focus on what can be achieved and remind me of what I’m aiming for is important.

Photos are the best motivation tool. Therefore, for the duration of the 30-day experiment, I will remove the scales and take some before and after photos.

I will also try to record a short video for myself at the start to remember why this transformation is important to me, why I need a healthier lifestyle, and what the achievements will mean. With an impending relapse, this video will help you get your motivation back.

On a bad day, just put on your sneakers and go for a walk or workout. Thanks to a portion of endorphins, your mood will rise, and the day will no longer seem so difficult.


An important success factor is a daily routine. Joe Wicks suggests setting your alarm a little early before bed (and putting the device away from the bed

So you have to get up to turn off the signal) and preparing sportswear in the evening. On Sunday, you can start planning the menu for the week and go shopping according to the prepared list. Set aside time to prepare meals and cook ahead of time when the time comes.

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The modern lifestyle means less movement and more chances to put on extra weight.

More stress, anxiety, and depressive thoughts. In the new year 2022, I will try step by step to get rid of what prevents me from moving forward.

And hopefully, by changing the goal to striving for emotional stability and peace of mind, and not for certain body parameters, I will be able to find the true motivation that encourages me to continue to follow the principles of the chosen lifestyle.

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