New Study Finds: It’s Vital for Us to meet our friends at least twice a week


Friends: But the singer Cyndi Lauper was right when she sang the song “When the working day is over, girls just want to have fun.” According to the results of international studies, frequent regular meetings with girlfriends are simply necessary for our psychological and even physical well-being.

We asked practicing psychologist Tatyana Ogneva-Salvini to sort out the reasons why this is so without meetings with friends, women’s life dim and filled with sorrows. Women are so arranged that we need to exchange energy with other women, support someone and feel supported, discuss our lives, laugh, and just sometimes sit together silently, breathe in the air of being.

But it was not there! Sociologists have found that only two out of five women in the world manage to allocate time at all for an aperitif and chatting with friends.

“Friendship is a very underestimated life resource,”

And Dr. Robin Dunbar of the University of Oxford, Emeritus Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and author of a study on the socialization of women, added: “Two meetings a week with four female friends is simply a basic need of the female psyche to communicate. This is the foundation of the psychological and physical well-being and health of a modern woman!”

1. It’s the perfect stress reliever

The more contacts and interactions a woman has with other people, the more stress-resistant she is. She seems to be pumping the skill of responding. And here’s what a University of California study found (check the wording, then discuss with your friends): women’s behavioral repertoire in response to stress is wider than men’s. Males respond to stress through ancestral survival mechanisms—fight or flight.

And sociable women still have in their arsenal a method for releasing oxytocin, a hormone that reduces stress and has a calming effect. In addition, this mechanism is enhanced by estrogen and accelerated in relationships with girlfriends.

“Women are a great source of support and mutual help,” writes Rutellen Josselson, co-author of the paper Best Friends: The Pleasures and Perils of Friendship for Girls and Women.


2. Increases lifespan

In the literal sense, a person lives longer if he has more social connections. This was proven by Dr. Laura Cousin Klein and Shelley Taylor, who conducted research at UCLA. They determined that maintaining quality social relationships with friends, and with people with whom you are on the same wavelength, in general, reduces blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol levels.

In addition, the friendship between women helps women themselves to know themselves better, determine their true desires, and to fill emotional gaps in family life. Hanging out with friends is truly therapeutic. And that is not all.

People with a wide network of social contacts get sick less, recover faster from operations, and have a higher life expectancy, which also affects their children, said Professor Robin Dunbar.

3. Helps in work

These are just numbers, but also impressive. 45% of people looking for a new job rely on socializing with friends. And according to researchers from Glassdoor, this channel actually attracts 70% of recruiters who are aware of the importance of the friendships of their employees. Because people tend to choose those who are similar to them. So communication with friends expands professional horizons.

4. More awareness

A woman thinks and starts the process of awareness at the moment of speaking, while a man just needs to be silent for these cognitive processes. And if a woman is silent.

if she has no one to discuss her current affairs, her purchases, her desires, and her actions with, then soon she begins to do many rash acts, does some stupid things, but not what she needs, and in general, a lot flies into hell. You can talk to your husband, or chat on social networks.

But this is not complete communication. In addition, the specifics of women’s conversations, for example, about which blouse is better to wear with this skirt, which vacuum cleaner to choose, what is the latest cleaning system, and which circle for a child, and so on, only another woman can withstand.

You can discuss something with your husband, but at many female moments, the male brain just freezes and merges. So female friendship is also a factor in the survival and safety of the female psyche.


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