Peeling pads: how to use them and what are they for?

Peeling pads

Cosmetic pads have firmly taken their place among the popular peeling rolls and scrubs. They are aimed at exfoliating the skin, but, unlike rolls and scrubs, they work as delicately as possible. Peeling pads do not contain abrasive particles that “roll” on the face and can injure the skin. Skin exfoliation with pads is NOT mechanical.

Pads are soft cotton pads or napkins impregnated with a special compound. Often, products contain AHA, BHA, and PHA acids as active substances. Acids destroy the bonds between dead cells and the epidermis, after which the keratinized scales “fly off” the skin. The result is the same as after a scrub or a roll. But the procedure itself is much less traumatic.

Of course, it cannot be said that all peeling pads are better than scrubs and peeling rolls. You should always take into account the composition of the product and the characteristics of the skin. For example, for normal skin without imperfections, rolls, pads, and some scrubs (but not completely rough! ).

Can work equally well. But for problematic skin, even rolls are contraindicated, any scrubs – even more so. Exfoliating particles “scratch” inflammatory elements and contribute to the development of rashes. Therefore, for girls with acne, peeling pads are ideal.

Another advantage of the pads is that in addition to exfoliating, they perform many useful functions in care. Depending on the composition, peeling discs can:

  • moisturize
  • tone up
  • even out the tone of the face
  • cleanse the skin
  • remove makeup
  • have an anti-aging effect
  • deal with rashes and irritation
  • eliminate peeling and dryness

Active components are responsible for all these properties. Since the composition of different cosmetic products varies, the range of properties will also vary. Therefore, we recommend that you always read the list of ingredients and the full description of the product before buying. On the website of our store, very detailed information about the composition and features of the components is attached to each product.

How to use peel pads?

Exfoliation (that is, the procedure for exfoliating the skin) is carried out on average 1 time per week. It is with this frequency that it is recommended to use scrubs and rolls. But with pads, it’s more difficult.

Some peeling pads need to be applied daily, even twice, while others only once every 7 days. The difference is due to composition. For example, if the pads contain AHA, BHA, and PHA acids in high concentrations,

Then they should not be used too often. Before buying pads, be sure to ask the sales assistant how to use the product if this information is not on the label or on the website.

Which peeling pads to choose?

Although peeling pads are perceived as a novelty in Ukraine, Korean brands have long adopted this format of products. Every year, many good products enter the market. One of the most popular pads belongs to the CosRx brand: the brand has released a whole series of acid-based peeling discs. The emphasis of the line is made on problematic and sensitive skin. CosRx pads soothe irritated and inflamed areas, relieve redness and itching, and accelerate the healing of pimples.

Medi-Peel, beloved by many, offers a wonderful option. The company has developed pads with carbonated mineral water, aquaxil, and 5 forms of hyaluronic acid. These discs give the skin amazing hydration, restore pH balance, and remove flaking.

But in the article, we want to introduce you closer to the novelty of 2021 – eco-pads from the pharmaceutical brand Meditime. The eco-friendly line of cosmetics Meditime Beautree includes two types of peeling pads. The peculiarity of the series is that the discs are made of natural biodegradable material.

After use, they quickly decompose and do not pollute the environment. Ecological cosmetics Meditime Beautree does not contain components of animal origin, allergens, or potentially hazardous substances. These products are created with care for both nature and the health of the consumer.

We fully share and support this approach. For our store, the safety and health of the client are also the first places. Therefore, we were the first to bring new products to Ukraine, tested, and studied the composition and now we boldly recommend Meditime Beautree peeling pads to you. In appearance, these two jars are similar, but they have significant differences.

Review of eco-friendly Meditime pads

Medicine Beautree Blemish Calming Treatment Pads contain AHAs. They perform 5 key tasks:

  • exfoliate the stratum corneum;
  • soothe the skin;
  • even out the tone
  • eliminate oily sheen;
  • deeply moisturize.

These pads are ideal for sensitive, problematic, and dehydrated skin. Universal for all types. In addition to acids, the composition contains extracts of broccoli, moringa, green tea, Centella, damask rose, hyaluronic acid, arginine, and niacinamide. The components prevent skin aging and well complement anti-aging care.

The second pad – Meditime Beautree Pla Bubble Exfoliating Cleansing Pads – look out of the box compared to other peeling discs. They are dry! Before use, the disc must be moistened with water, and then the product will begin to foam. It would seem why the pads need such an ability. But for these disks, it is necessary, because their main task is to clean:

  • cleanse the face of makeup and other impurities;
  • remove dead cells;
  • relieve inflammation and irritation;
  • lighten the tone
  • moisturize.

This type of pad from Medicine is suitable for all skin types, it is allowed for rashes and frequent irritations. The product is based on extracts of chamomile, blueberry, moringa, and lactic acid. The ability to foam discs gives a mild surfactant of natural origin (coco-glucoside), which does not dry the skin.

Both types of pads can be combined in care and used in daily care: the first – in the morning and evening, the second – only in the evening. Cleansing pads are applied first, followed by soothing pads. Two jars will last for 1 month.

Where to buy Korean peeling pads?

You can buy Korean peeling pads with delivery in Ukraine on this website. Our store is the official representative of the brands Meditime, Medi Peel, and a number of others. We sell only original Korean cosmetics.

Under the article, we left links to the peeling pads that we mentioned above. Click on the product you are interested in to go to the full description, and then place an order.

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