Rapid premature aging is the scourge of modern urban life. The frantic pace does not allow you to look back, and now in the mirror, you already find with displeasure a small crow’s feet around the eye.

The first wrinkles, spots from even past pimples, and the oval of the face are hopelessly floating, and the skin is not at all as soft and at the same time elastic as it was literally a couple of years ago.

MIXIT perfectly understands your desire to preserve girlish youth for a long time and we have chosen the most effective way, taking advantage of many years of scientific developments on the use of a forest delicacy in the cosmetic prevention of aging processes – an invaluable earthen mushroom – white truffle, the beneficial properties of which were praised by Avicenna.

Magic mushroom

Truffles have a complex effect on the skin as intensive prevention of aging, in the fight against deep wrinkles, in solving the problems of photoaging and hyperpigmentation, and have a muscle relaxant tightening effect.

The uniqueness of these exquisite mushrooms is that in addition to the high content of essential amino acids, beneficial mineral salts, magnesium, and proteins, they are the richest known to man as a source of an almost complete spectrum of B vitamins.

Which are responsible for the youth and proper life processes of our skin. Containing a living natural force, vitamins easily penetrate into the deepest layers of the skin, normalizing and restoring proper metabolism at the cellular level.

Just imagine, they brought high-quality building materials to the warehouse, carefully unloaded them, transported them to the right points, and now it is necessary to carry out the construction itself at these points and assemble, for example, such a complex architectural structure as collagen from amino acids.

And so he builds an organism from the brought material, builds, but nothing happens. And all because the mortar is bad, and the bricks simply crumble. The role of the solution is played just by vitamins.

If there is a lack of them or bioavailability is reduced, then the “solution” really will not bind or hold the useful bricks that we deliver with creams even a thousand times.

Vitamin B1

(thiamine) helps prevent premature aging of the skin, gradually smoothes out skin wrinkles, making deep wrinkles less pronounced, and small ones almost invisible.

Vitamin B2

(riboflavin) improves complexion, heals inflamed skin, and restores its radiance and healthy color by accelerating metabolic processes. The lack of this particular vitamin is often indicated by flaky lips and the formation of a “mesh” in the corners of the lips.

Vitamin B3

(vitamin PP or niacin) is actively involved in redox processes, protects blood vessels and capillaries, takes part in tissue respiration, carbohydrate and protein metabolism, and prevents the occurrence of a disease such as pellagra (rough skin).

Lack of vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) can be the cause of dermatitis, it is involved in the synthesis of many proteins and regulates the level of absorption of amino acids, stabilizing metabolism.

Vitamin B9

(folic acid) helps protect the skin from harmful environmental influences, has an anti-inflammatory effect, and helps get rid of pimples and acne.

Deficiency of vitamin B10

(para-aminobenzoic acid) is fraught with rapid sunburn, as this vitamin is a powerful antioxidant that protects our skin from damage from the sun’s rays, and actually slows down photoaging.

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Vitamin B12

(cyanocobalamin) accelerates blood microcirculation and metabolic processes, and promotes faster delivery of nutrients to the right places.

MIXIT White Truffle Care Line

The effect of cosmetics with white truffle extract is especially noticeable after 25 years, when the first signs of aging appear, it increases skin elasticity, reduces the depth and number of wrinkles, and gives a radiant, even skin tone.

Because helps to lighten age spots (contains two strong inhibitors of tyrosinase – an enzyme that is involved in the synthesis of melanin and is responsible for the formation of age spots), has a lifting muscle relaxant effect, actively tightening the skin. The action will be cumulative with constant use, in just a week you can notice positive changes.

Day and night creams of the White Truffle Face Day Cream and White Truffle Face Night Cream series, in addition to the valuable white truffle extract, also nourish golden argan oil, essential fatty acids, and hyaluronic acid.

The complex works by combining two collagen-synthesizing peptides ( palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide-3), which combine skin receptors responsible for the production of collagen, natural hyaluronic acid, and fibronectin.

Creams restore the skin at a deep cellular level, work with wrinkles, remove harmful toxins, eliminate lethargy, and significantly increase their own elasticity, providing the skin with long-lasting youth and a healthy glow. White Truffle Eyes Cream truffle cream for the area around the eyes is a real find in the difficult fight against mimic wrinkles.

Its balanced composition also includes the necessary set of nourishing oils (olive, grape seed, sweet almond) and supertonic caffeine, which will simply make the eyes “wake up” and shine with youth and activity. And allantoin, in turn, will keep the delicate skin around the eyes soft and moisturized.

Hands are an indicator of our age, faces need high-quality care just as much, and for them, we also prepared a cream with white truffle and vitamin E. Slight flabbiness, and excessive dryness.

A sudden network of wrinkles – these are the main goals that White Truffle Hand Cream effectively fights. With him, general cleaning, temperature changes, weathering, and other troubles will not be terrible.


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